What support will be provided before and after launch?
We will provide the franchise manual which gives instructions on how to implement the franchise model and operational system. This will include guidelines on staff training and learning material on our brands so the store manager and staff can be the best brand ambassadors.
Will you provide any staff for the store?
We don't provide staff to our franchisees but we do provide clear and detailed guidelines on the recruitment process including; job descriptions, vetting and interview processes and the ideal candidate profiles. We will be more involved in the recruitment of the store manager and will carry out the final interview, as this is the most crucial role in the franchise store.
What fees are charged by Islamic Design House?
Two fees are charged for the franchise; A franchise License fee which starts at 15,000 GBP (subject to change on ongoing basis) and a monthly royalty fee which is currently 2% of gross sales. Both these figures are relatively competitive and low compared to other brands in a similar sector and of a similar size to ourselves.
What is the ideal location for an Islamic Design House store?
The ideal locations are high end and modern malls, as they attract a higher footfall of middle to high income earners who are likely to be our customers
What size store would be recommended?
Considering our product offering and future lines we will be adding, 60m2 would be a minimum and 80-100m2 would be the ideal space.
How many staff would be required for the store?
This will depend on the size of the store and volume of sales. 1 store manager is mandatory and further guidelines may include an assistant store manager and 3-4 staffs on shift basis.
Will you provide the store design and how much will it all cost?
For any franchise contracts signed in 2016 we will provide the store design, which would otherwise cost 2-3K GBP, and all the branding elements for the store (logo, store graphics etc) and work with your store refurb project manager to finalise everything. Depending on the size of the store, local labour & material cost you are looking at 30-50k Pound Sterling approximately.
How long will the design, build and refitting of the store take to complete?
We estimate that the design stage will take about 4-6 weeks and the build stage will take another 4-6 weeks; in total 8-12 weeks.
Who selects the stock and how often are purchases made?
Each range has up to four collections a year. Franchisees are given the catalogues four months in advance to place their order and then it is produced and delivered accordingly.
What is your pricing policy?
We make sure that the Recommended Retail Price is maintained universally. That means an item purchased from one country/city should be the same as one purchased in any other country/city. This excludes instances when a franchisee might decide to carry out promotional offers/activities.
Where are your products manufactured and shipped from?
Our manufacturing takes place in India, also where our stock is housed, and most orders are shipped from there.
How will you ship the merchandise and where will the charges be paid?
Merchandise is delivered via air freight on a Freight on Board (FOB) service. Shipping charges will be paid by the franchisee at the receiving port.
Will we need a courier company/agent for the transportation?
Yes, it's highly likely you will need a clearing agent to clear the goods and have it delivered to your premise.
Will you advise on best selling sizes/designs and can we choose the sizes we want?
We are here to advise on the merchandise selection with our experience and knowledge of the market; which we have, in many cases, operated for more than 3-5 years in. Yes, you will have the freedom to choose sizes in accordance with your knowledge of your market
Do you have a returns policy?
Yes, our return policy only applies to goods that have been received damaged - where the fault is with the manufacturer.
What is the credit and payment policy?
Our payment policy is 50% of the invoice should be paid upon ordering and remaining amount i.e. invoice cleared, 4 weeks prior to shipping. We do not provide credit facilities.
Is there a minimum purchase amount for launching and for subsequent seasonal purchases?
Yes, dependent on size of the store, we believe a minimum of 500 pieces of our main jilbab would need to be purchased for the store launch, and then subsequently 500pcs per season as a minimum guide based on store size.
Is there extra discounts for franchisees and any further price breaks?
Prices for franchisees are automatically discounted at about 14% off wholesale price. Volumes of excess of 2000pcs per season would be a time to discuss volume discounts on franchise pricing.
Is there a need for alteration services in the store?
We provide a unique and extensive range of sizes, so much so that customers can purchase a perfect size and wear it straight away - thus there is no need to provide alteration services.
How often do you release new collections/designs and what would be done with older lines/styles?
We release a new collection up to 4 times a year; every 3 months approximately. We make sure the franchisees order what they are confident of selling and then the marketing activity will ensure the majority of stock is sold before the newest collection launches. Older lines can then be sold out using promotional and discounted offers.
Will collection/lines/ranges increase in the future?
We have been diversifying our ranges to cater for the needs of our markets, and have introduced and will expand our modest 2 piece collection, a swimwear collection and an extensive Hijab range as well as introducing new exciting product lines.
How will the store be launched; what support will Islamic Design House provide?
We can draw up a complete launch programme with knowledge of the market and insights from the franchisee. This may include items such as: launch day, press release, dignitary invites, flash promos, social media advertising etc - the items will be dependent on the budget and what the franchisee will to commit to.
What ongoing marketing support will Islamic Design House provide?
We have experience in an extensive range of marketing and we can provide bespoke items for billboards to TV Adverts or more regular items like social media assets, flyers, posters etc. - again this will be dependent on the budget and what the Franchisee commits to executing on the ground.
Is it allowed to sell 3rd party accessories in the store?
If there is a need to add a line or product to enhance and deliver the Islamic Design House customer experience and we cannot source it then we will consider it.
Is it allowed to customise and sell the designs to customer requirements; adding beads, shells etc.?
Our apparel is 'ready to wear' and the designs convey a specific style that our target customers identify with. Thus, we do not allow for any further customisation.
How are prices decided and what are the margins for each product line?
We, as the franchisor, will decide the Recommended Retail Price (RRP). If the region can carry a higher price without damaging the brand we may consider it. If a lower price is necessary to establish the brand, but without damaging it's future prospect, we are also open to considering the matter. Margins can range from 56 - 75% across our ranges.
What level of volumes and sales are required for a store to break-even?
This depends on the store's set up cost and running costs. We can help you map this out in a 12-18 month financial model.
How are discount sales, sale promotions etc. in the store organised - Is there any support for this?
We have a guide for discounting on previous collections; 20% on last season's collection, up to 40% on collection 2 season's old and up to 60% on collections older than 2 season. We can suggest a number of sales promotions that work and will be up to the franchisee to choose.
How will you regulate online prices and purchases to my region?
Prices in store will be same as prices online, unless there are in-store/online promotions running. We cannot stop online purchases from your region but we will not be advertising there and the convenience and absence of shipping charges and time should mean your store/s become the destination for Islamic Design House shoppers.
Are there any staff incentive schemes for store staff?
Yes, staff will be able to purchase at 30% off the store price and they can use that for their family and friends as well - but only when they are on shift.